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Enhance your effectiveness in your current position or develop new skills to move up the career ladder. We offer hundreds of courses online and in-person to support you in achieving your professional goals.

Essential Workplace Skills

Choose from hundreds of online courses to help build your expertise and sharpen your professional skills. Topics include team building, time management, mobile device tips, and much more. Learn more.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

CNAs and other classifications: You can earn your Continuing Education Units (CEUs) at no cost when you access classes through the Ed Fund. Learn more.

License, Certification and Exams

Maintain your specialty license or certification with our classes and financial support. Learn more.

Health and Wellness

Improve your personal and professional lives with these emotional health courses and self-improvement strategies. Learn more.

Healthcare Career Basics

Build a strong foundation for your future with Medical Terminology, Basic College Math, College Algebra, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology classes. Learn more.

Critical Skills – Employer Initiatives

Kaiser Permanente’s “Critical Skills” initiative, including Digital Fluency, Consumer Focus, Collaboration and Performance Improvement. Learn more.

Computer and Technical Skills

From the basics of how to use a computer through advanced Microsoft Office applications, we offer a range of classes. Learn more.

Language Learning

The Education Fund offers a variety of ways to access language learning from beginning English to advanced medical interpreter training. Learn more.


We designed and implemented a training called “Enhancing the Patient Experience” to equip members with the tools and techniques to ensure excellent patient care.

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