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Open doors to new beginnings!

Being a healthcare worker means keeping up with a lot of changes. Sometimes those changes can be challenging, even overwhelming. The Education Fund is here to help. We have a new program called Adult Basic Education (ABE), which is designed to help you open doors to new beginnings.

Others are motivated to improve language skills, while some are preparing for the citizenship exam. These are the kinds of challenges that the ABE program can help you face successfully. We are here to support you.

What are the first steps?

The journey starts with a conversation with a counselor. There are two easy ways for you to make an appointment:

  1. Register online by clicking here.
  2. By calling our general line at 888-872-4606

You and your counselor will determine which program is best for you and create a plan to enroll you in one or more of our programs:

  • English Language Learning – Includes access to various modes of study of the English language, depending on your level of need.
  • Exam Prep for Citizenship – Access to exam preparation.

Your counselor can help you with study tips, exam-taking techniques, career planning, job search and other educational resources.

You’ve come a long way already. Let us support you as you continue to succeed.

See below if you would like to explore our English Language Learner resources. However, we strongly encourage you to reach out to a counselor for assistance with a learning plan.

Language Learning

The Education Fund offers a variety of ways to access language learning at all levels:

Beginner English

Learn on your own time on your cell phone using Cell-Ed, a company that provides English language learning help to Spanish speakers.

Quick and easy – 3-5 minute lessons
Call in, practice, learn, and improve your English while completing a series of lessons via speaking and texting. Call back as many times as you need 24 hours per day. When you call back, you will start off where you last left off. It works on all types of cell phones. No data plan is needed. Cell-Ed is currently available to Spanish speakers only.

Get Started Today!

Option 1: Text

  • Call 650-200-2227
  • Pin number: 7028#
  • Start texting!

Option 2: Smartphone App

  • Download the Cell-Ed App on your phone!
  • Pin number: 7028#

Option 3: Computer

  • Visit
  • Pin number: 7028#

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Monica Ruvalcaba at or 510-250-6868.

Intermediate English

Learn on your computer or tablet at home. If you are comfortable learning online, another option for you is signing up for an AmEnglish learning account and get access to more than 600 hours of writing, speaking, reading, and listening lessons in English.

Log into learn any time day or night. Text translations in multiple languages including Spanish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Arabic.

Apply to get an AmEnglish account.

Bilingual Specialist Certification

Go online to get your interpreter certification. LanguageLine Advanced Medical Training is the most comprehensive, up-to-date interpreter training program, developed by a team of healthcare practitioners and medical trainers with more than 25 years of interpreting and training experience.

  • Web-based training
  • 40 hours of content
  • Access anywhere, anytime
  • Supported languages include:
    • Spanish
    • Tagalog
    • Korean
    • Mandarin
    • Cantonese
    • Vietnamese
    • Russian
    • Farsi
    • Hmong

Register now, and start earning more.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Monica Ruvalcaba at or 510-250-6868.

English Language Learners

Take an ELL class for free at a local community college through the Education Fund’s STEP program. STEP will pay for your tuition, fees, and required textbooks. You will also receive support and advice from an Education Fund career counselor.

Learn more about the STEP program and apply for college support.

Customized Onsite Classes

The Education Fund can work with you, your employer, and your union to organize an ELL class at your worksite. If you and your co-workers want to learn more about how to schedule a class, please contact Monica Ruvalcaba at